Quality Policy

Our aim is to achieve organisational goals through the participation of each and every employee, by ensuring every person in the organisation realises they have a contribution to make in the achievement of quality. 

AEOS Accreditation:

CASA_145_Cert_Rev-2_Ref_1-SGFJ3_Expires-31-May-2023-1.jpg    EASA_Cert.jpg    ISO-9001_2015_05-Nov-2019-to-05-Nov-2022.jpg

  • Civil Aviation Authority Approval Reference CAA2230
  • EASA Maintenance Approval Organisation Certificate EASA.145.0428
  • ISO9001 Third Party Accreditation by SGS International Certification Process

AEOS seeks to provide our customers with consistently higher quality at lower costs. Each process whether it be in the workshop or administrative is constantly under review to achieve higher levels of efficiency. We encourage our staff to highlight any problems or inefficiencies that they encounter. These are systematically reviewed to ensure non recurrence. We emphasise the importance of considering those with whom you work. AEOS manages each stage of work progression in our Production Management database. This system tracks critical stages and dates to ensure target dates are achieved.